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Environmental sustainability

Recycled Aluminium = Circular Economy

Circular Economy is the term used for that way of producing and consuming that involves reusing, repairing, renewing or recycling materials and products as many times as possible, thus extending their life cycle. In practice, it means reducing waste to a minimum. It is to say, exactly what we do at Metalquex.

The smelting of aluminum in a non-rotary furnace produces as a waste product aluminum skimmings, which can be understood as the top layer of of the aluminum bath that must be removed during the smelting process. These skimmings, that can be considered by some a waste product, are our raw material. The skimmings go through a dry recovery process, using the best available technologies, and become a product of high metal content and of great value to the market.

1 ton of aluminum generates around 17 tonnes of CO2 while recycling aluminium it amounts to 0.6 tonnes. This represents a direct reduction of our carbon footprint through recycling.

Thus, aluminum skimmings go from being waste and generating an economic cost to the company and environmental society, to becoming a valuable raw material, completing the integral cycle of aluminum production.

Currently, the recycling industry is gaining relevance as consumers are beginning to become aware of the carbon emissions generated in aluminum production and its impact on the planet.

Therefore, in order to reduce the emissions of the installation and optimize the use of raw materials and energy, we have adopted various measures described in the Reference Document on the Best Available Techniques (BREF) of the waste treatment industries, published in August 2006. At Metalquex we are part of the change.

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