Our Goal: Sustainability of Aluminium

We recover and recycle aluminium drosses and their alloys

Welcome to Metalquex

We offer aluminium materials ready to melt reducing operative and financial costs


We Recover Aluminium

We are a reference in the aluminium recovery sector in Spain and in Europe.


We Recycle Aluminium

It is our reason to be. It is our commitment to the environment. It is circular economy.


We Reuse Aluminium

Due to our production process we are able to reuse 95% of the aluminum skimmings.

Can you help us to keep recycling? Let's work together


We are a Circular Economy

Metalquex is a company specialized in the recycling of aluminum skimmings, which offers sustainable solutions for the secondary aluminum industry.

We close the aluminium production cycle, reconverting into raw material what ends up as waste in the smelters.